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small skull ice mold

small skull ice mold

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A silicone skull ice maker mold is a fun and unique kitchen gadget that allows you to create small ice skulls in bulk. It consists of a silicone mold that is designed to hold water and freeze it into 40 small skull-shaped ice cubes. The silicone material is flexible, making it easy to remove the frozen ice cubes from the mold. The small skull ice maker mold is a great choice for people who enjoy hosting parties or hosting Halloween events, as the small skull-shaped ice cubes add a spooky touch to any drink. The silicone material is also safe and non-toxic, so you can be confident that your ice is safe to consume. With 40 molds included, you'll have plenty of small skull-shaped ice cubes to go around, making this silicone mold a convenient choice for larger gatherings or for those who simply want to have a supply of small skull-shaped ice on hand. Whether you're looking to add a touch of whimsy to your drinks or simply want to impress your friends with your creativity, a silicone small skull ice maker mold is a fun and unique choice.

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